The Best 5 on 5 Flag Football Defense Strategy Guide

Recently in our LinkedIn Flag Football group we had a question come up about the best 5 on 5 flag football defense strategies to use, so we thought it would be a good intro to a breakdown of our top 5 recommended 5 on 5 flag football defenses that every team should implement at different times. Here was the question from Jorday Melay out of Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire of the United Kingdom: I am in my second year of playing 5 on 5 flag football and I have been named defensive captain with a view to helping out with the scheme we run on D this year. Last season we played a lot of Cover 1 which was successful along the line of scrimmage in stopping the run. However, with me being a lone safety, it was difficult stopping the two fly routes from either side and when the corner doesn’t ...

Bunch Iso Blender – 5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

Bunch Iso Blender from our 5 on 5 flag football plays collection is a great all around play that can be effective against just about any defense you’ll come up against.  Your Center and [2] routes will be your primary reads.  Out of this formation, many teams will lock up the [3] and play a combination of 2-1 or 1-2 zone on the other 3 players, or go with a box 2-2 defense.  In any situation, the [2]’s curl and spring to the left flat corner should be a great option, undercutting any safeties yet getting behind any flat defender to that side.  The Center should hold that defender with a couple steps to the left side before shooting back underneath the play.  If the defense decides to go straight man defense across the board, the Center’s route could be an equal option to ...

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