The Art of Successful Flag Football Play Calling – Part 1: Gameplanning

There are many ways to win in this sport, but flag football play calling is an extremely important aspect of the game that separates the good teams and players from the great.  This is part of a four part series where we will discuss game planning, adjustments, deception and execution specifically for the 5 on 5 flag football format, but these principles will be just as applicable for 4 on 4, 7 on 7, 8 on 8 or any other format out there. Part 1: Gameplanning Have a Good Arsenal of Plays There’s a reason why swiss army knives have been so popular for such a long time; they’re convenient, multi-purpose and they fit in your pocket.  This is how you want to build your flag football playbook.  Every play has a purpose, whether it be a man killer, zone beater, goal line finisher or t...

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