Tackle vs. Youth Flag Football: Which one and why?

By Darin Wissner with Just A Game Events Youth tackle football is not as dangerous as the news labels it to be.  I am not going to bore you with statistics, but the fact is, that your 8-year old son just doesn’t get hit hard enough to get concussions!  Half the kids on defense don’t want to lay your son out in the first place, they’re just running around like cockroaches when the lights get turned on.  Of course, there is that ONE 8 or 9-year old defensive stalwart who is foaming at the mouth to knock your kid loopy, but just block him, or at the very least, get in his way!  The entire offensive line, or those who WANT to block, just need to all gang up on the foaming of the mouth linebacker. We all know the numbers are down in youth tackle football participation.  It is actually sig...

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