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Flag Football Rankings: Top 10 4v4 Teams in the US

We thought it would be fun to post our flag football rankings for the top 4 on 4 teams in the country, so below is how it stands as of today.  As I was prepping to write this, I text a couple of people to see who they would rank and where they would rank them. I was surprised to see that other than a couple of variances, they were all the same teams on the list. Now they change dramatically on where they all were in the rankings. So since I have played with or against all these teams I feel like I can rank them fairly well. I will be honest 3-6 are all interchangeable to me so this is where I will catch some crap. PENGUINS – Youngstown, OH Probably the biggest surprise to ever win Roswell when they won it in 2012. A seasoned team with a lot of players that show up and do what they ar...

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