Oopty – 8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

Oopty is one of my all time favorite 8 on 8 flag football plays, and works extremely well in long distance situations.  Upon sending [3] in motion, most teams will try and employ a zone defense, typically with 1 safety over the top, and 2 in the short zone with one of them taking away the inside short zone.  If you see one single safety, the play is almost guaranteed to work. At the snap, the quarterback immediately takes off to the right while the center and [2] attempt to block the rushers giving the QB a bit of time.  The post from [6] should clear out the safety while the curl from [4] holds the outside corner.  When [3] hits the sideline on his out and up, there’s typically a big window there.  The post can easily turn into a post-stop or post-dig depending on the coverage over ...

Crossover – 8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

The Crossover from our 8 on 8 flag football plays collection is designed to be run out of a sideline stack formation with 4 on 4 style bunch offense in the middle. This play is designed to beat both a man and zone defense, faring particularly well against a zone cover 2 by drawing the right corner and safety’s attention away with the crossing route and seam, and dragging #2 in the 15 yard range to get him open.  It’s a good intermediate play and timing route with multiple options. View original article

Tight Under – 4 on 4 Flag Football Plays

The Tight Under from our 4 on 4 flag football plays collection is set up to coax the defense into locking up the solo receiver, and playing inside out on the center/2 combo, or going straight zone across the board.  In either situation, the 2 should come open late or the center should be wide open early. It’s a great play against a team that you know has a tendency to switch to a zone defense in bunch or tight situations. View original article

Speed Shoots – 7 on 7 Flag Football Plays

The Speed Shoots from our 7 on 7 flag football plays collection is a quick hitting play that is designed to get the ball out of the quarterbacks hands into his playmaker’s as quickly as possible.  There’s not much time to take a snap under center, but if the speed route isn’t immediately openeither or the slants are next up followed by 4 at the star. View original article

Wheelie – 8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

The Wheelie from our 8 on 8 flag football plays collection is a great example of a go-to play out of a very tough to defend formation with an athletic team and a mobile quarterback.  It excels at getting your players into space, running a zone-beating 3+ player flood route to each side of the field while also using long crossing routes to get separation from man defenders.  Your motion back is a wildcard that can be altered into different variations, such as wheeling out of the backfield, a star back option for throwbacks, an option pitch man, hand-off or alter the motion entirely to run a regular route.  If your QB can buy a little time, this play has alot of potential to get your guys open and into space effectively. It’s best in short to intermediate down and distance situations, ...

The Art of Successful Flag Football Play Calling – Part 3: Deception

There are hundreds of effective flag football plays that can be used in an offense to help your team succeed, but sometimes it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Knowing when and how to ride a select few plays all the way to victory is key, and the tips below are meant to help you optimize your current flag football plays so that you can make the most of them. Part 3: Deception Motion Is Your Friend Using motion in your offense is one of the most universally important strategies that can help teams of all levels from couch potato to elite.  The simple act of sending a man in motion can have many benefits and give you many advantages, and there’s a reason why you see NFL and College level teams using motion in a large percentage of their plays.  For one, it can help...

The Art of Successful Flag Football Play Calling – Part 1: Gameplanning

There are many ways to win in this sport, but flag football play calling is an extremely important aspect of the game that separates the good teams and players from the great.  This is part of a four part series where we will discuss game planning, adjustments, deception and execution specifically for the 5 on 5 flag football format, but these principles will be just as applicable for 4 on 4, 7 on 7, 8 on 8 or any other format out there. Part 1: Gameplanning Have a Good Arsenal of Plays There’s a reason why swiss army knives have been so popular for such a long time; they’re convenient, multi-purpose and they fit in your pocket.  This is how you want to build your flag football playbook.  Every play has a purpose, whether it be a man killer, zone beater, goal line finisher or t...

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