What Makes a Good Flag Football Game Official?

By Darin Wissner – It’s Just A Game Events Flag Football game officials get very little respect. In many cases, they haven’t earned it.  Often, organizers simply ask their friends.  “It’s easy man! You know football, right?” Then these friends are put in to tough predicaments right away.  “Man, that is face guarding! You can’t do that.  That’s P.I., throw the flag you moron!” Is face guarding a penalty?  It’s legal in the NFL and college, but not in high school, which begs the question, outside of your local rules, what rules do you fall back on, NFL or high school?  I guarantee your buddy who you just employed to be a flag football official will have no clue and you, the tournament coordinator, probably do not know either. So that being said, here are some things I look ...

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