MOB – 5on5 Flag Football Plays

MOB is one of the most popular 5on5 flag football plays where handoffs & running are allowed, as it is extremely versatile, simple and effective.  Almost every team you face will switch to a zone flag football defense against a 4 bunch formation, typically a 2-2 or 3-1, which makes handoffs & throwbacks more difficult to cover, and also makes it easier for a good quarterback to find windows for throwing the ball. Like many 5on5 flag football plays out of a bunch formation, this one starts with the quarterback under center, who then immediately fakes or directly hands off to [3] who now has the option to throw or run.  His immediate options are to hit the quick out with [2] if left uncovered for an easy 10 or so yards, or hit [1] on a banana or corner route finding a gap in coverage...

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