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Nerf Partners with FFWCT to execute World’s Largest Nerf Battle

Nerf has partnered with the Flag Football World Championship Tour to execute various national campaigns through the 2017 calendar year. The first initiative included sending an assortment of more than 500 Nerf branded items as gifts to lucky team captains & kids. You can see the pure joy from some of the children as they received items from Nerf depicted below! The next campaign will be the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest Nerf gun battle this year at Battle Orlando, stay tuned for more information and official registration to participate in the world record setting event!

FFWCT Partners with AMC Theatres for Battle Orlando

The Flag Football World tour has partnered with AMC Movie theatres for its Battle Orlando Tournament’s Captains meeting. At the conclusion of Media Day at the Hard Rock Café at Universal Studios City Walk, players will migrate across the walk way bridge and past the iconic rotating Universal Studios Globe to the AMC Cineplex. Once there players will fill the designated auditorium to participate in tournament announcements and the all new tournament Fantasy Draft-style Seeding. Stay Tuned for more details from this partnership!  

The WAY to early Battle Orlando Previews

Battle Orlando is still almost 3 full months away but with 250+ already registered for what is shaping up to be one of the largest flag football tournaments around, the sports world can’t help but wonder…who are the early favorites? 4v4 Division: It pays to be Most Hated The 4v4 world is a fickle world. Players swap teams and abandon ship quite often so it’s no surprise that some of the top teams have added and subtracted players in preparation of Battle Orlando. But in reality none of that matters when the most dominant team in the last 8 months has also been the most roster consistent, resulting in them also being, Most Hated. Also don’t forget this is 4man so don’t be surprised if you see teams like Sinister, Wet N Dirty, 305, Young Bloodz, Texas Looney Tunes, or Suicide Squad (Fo...

Red Bull MXT to be at Battle Orlando!

Battle Orlando is drawing closer and closer! As we get closer we will have more announcements, such as the Red Bull MXT mobile unit coming to DJ & Sample Red Bull to all of the players and spectators in attendance at Battle Orlando! Players & Spectators will be able to enjoy ice cold Red Bull energy drinks during the tournament to get an extra Energy Boost during the tournament!

Battle Orlando featuring High School 7v7 and Top US Athletes

Battle Orlando may be 2017’s premiere nationally televised High School 7v7 tournament & here’s why it’s a MUST GO for any student athlete looking to get recruited! Elite National Competition The biggest problem any student athlete looking to get recruited faces from a college scouts prospective is being evaluated based on assumption. College scouts have to evaluate a player’s performance at 7v7 tournaments and essentially guestimate how that player would POTENTIALLY match up against other top athletes from around the country. It’s often rare when players from multiple regions get to play other athletes from the other end of the country. Battle Orlando looks like that’s going to change that problem. This is one of the earliest chances parents, coaches, & student athletes will have t...

Battle Orlando Questions & Answers

The Battle Orlando $30,000 flag football tournament’s registration opens tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 1st) at 3pm EST, and we’ve had a couple questions asked lately that we wanted to address below with important information regarding registration, team rosters, payment and more! Let us know if you have any other questions we can address by posting in our Battle Orlando Q&A Forums here! How do we register? At 3pm EST tomorrow, we will send out an email blast, along with social media posts linking directly to the registration page for Battle Orlando. You’ll want to register as soon as possible thanks to our Draft Style Seeding with more information on why here. When is registration deadline? Friday, May 5th is the deadline for team captains to register and pay their $50 playe...

Why Battle Orlando is a MUST-GO Family Vacation & Youth Tournament all in one!

All across the country families are starting to plan their summer vacations while trying to juggle summer sports, work schedules & every parent’s dream, to relax! It’s no question this is a hard task to execute for any family. Well the Flag Football World Championship Tour may have a solution for you & your family! Battle Orlando will feature youth flag football teams from all over the country for both boys & girls with age groups consisting of 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, & 18U. Not only will the tournament feature kids from all over the country & of all ages but, it will also be a great way for families to kick off the summer. The tournament will take place May 26-28 (Memorial Day Weekend) 2017 in Orlando Florida. Yes, Orlando Florida! The home of some of the world’s m...

Battle Orlando Details Announced!

Registration for Battle Orlando opens November 1st at 3PM EST! Registration order determines seeding selection order for our fantasy draft tournament brackets! Battle Orlando registration is almost here! Players from all over the world can finally start to dive into one of the coolest tournaments that we have had the pleasure of putting together. We are expecting a LARGE number of west coast teams to be in attendance that will provide fresh new competition as well as several international teams making the leap across the pond! This article will highlight some of the most asked about topics regarding our tournament! What are Fantasy Draft Tournament Brackets & How does Registration Determine Seeding order? Fantasy Draft Brackets are a new way to keep players on their toes and involve a ...

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