Sanctioned Event Application

Introducing our Sanctioned League & Tournament Program!

The FFWCT sanctioning program is a way for leagues and tournaments across the country to be a part of our Battle Circuit series of tournament events feeding into our National Championships for January 17-20, 2019 in Orlando, FL. Below is a breakdown of what benefits and requirements are part of the program!

If you’re interested in submitting one or more of your leagues or tournaments to become an official Sanctioned Event partner, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


Battle Points & Rankings – Your league or tournament results will be included in our yearly Battle Points program that is a huge draw for teams to participate, along with added to our rankings for teams participating in our event!

Honor Your Officials – After each of your sanctioned tournament or league seasons, your organization may select a top official to be honored by the FFWCT to officiate at our National Championships next January 17-20, 2019, including free room and board for up to 4 nights! Each official will be thanked via our social media and announced of their award as well as receiving a commemorative coin that will be given out at Nationals! Travel and transportation must be booked by November 15th, 2018 to hold their spot once awarded!

Get Promoted – As a sanctioned partner or official hosted Battle event, the FFWCT will add you to our event calendar and/or sanctioned leagues page with a link back to your website, blast your event out to one of our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts (over 100,000 combined social media followers), list you on a monthly email blast and more!

Event Insurance – No insurance? No problem! Average insurance can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per season or event, but as an official FFWCT Sanctioned league or tournament organizer you can request inclusion in our $1,000,000 liability insurance program free of charge to be used for facility rental and other uses! Simply request your certificate with information on who to be named on the document within 3 weeks of the event being held!

Combine with other Point Systems – Already giving out points or bids as part of a sanctioned USFTL, TAFF or other governing body’s organization? No problem! Our sanctioned events are not mutually exclusive, and we have no problem you working with us and other organizations even within the same event. Our requirements and benefits make it easy to combine with others.

Get Paid to Send Teams – For sanctioned league and tournament organizers, we’ll also provide you with an exclusive code to share with your players when you promote our National Championship tournament that we’ll provide a giveback to your organization when used! Earn as much as $50 per team that signs up using your code for select events just for sharing!

Earn Additional Revenue – Interested in exploring opportunities to increase your event revenue through merchandising, sponsorship, housing options, registration, website and other ways to also provide a higher quality event? We can help, and will set up a personal consultation to see what your pain points are and how we can help!

Brand Awareness – The Flag Football World Championship Tour has quickly established itself as a market leader in the sport of flag football. Becoming a sanctioned league or tournament instantly adds credibility along with benefits for participating that enhance your event and differentiate you from your competitors! Select organizations can apply to host official Battle branded events as well, contact us separately for more information!


Paid Bids – For every approved sanctioned league you manage, you are responsible for providing a minimum of one 1/2 bid for divisions. For all approved sanctioned tournaments you manage, you are responsible for providing a minimum of one 1/2 bid for divisions with 7 or less participating teams, or a full bid for divisions of 8 or more teams. All bids will feed into next years Battle National Championships in Orlando on MLK weekend, January 18-20, 2019.

Team Membership – All adult teams are required to pay a $30 membership fee per year for leagues or tournaments. Once results are submitted for receiving points and bids, organizer will be billed for bids plus any membership fees for teams not already signed up for the year.

Website Promotion – All sanctioned events must have a website to promote from, no exceptions. All we ask is on your homepage you include your Sanctioned Event seal with a link back to our website, along with on each event information or registration page which will add legitimacy to your event and provide information on what that means to your players. Leagues with facebook pages only may be considered so contact us to apply!

Keep Accurate Records – As part of our ranking system, we require each event to submit the following information for each participating team within one week of the league or tournament end date: Team Name, City/State for each team, captain name, captain phone, captain email, Final Standings per division. Without that information, rankings cannot be calculated properly and will not be included.

That’s it!

black mambas flag football tournament



Hosting a local tournament or league in your area and want to provide points and bids to your teams for participating? Apply below!

  • Ability to give Battle Points for league or tournament teams
  • Bids must be paid within (14) days of event ending and below are the following full bid prices:
    • $300.00 for 4v4 and 5v5 adult division bids
    • $400.00 for 7v7 or 8v8 screen adult division bids
    • $500.00 for 8v8 or 9v9 contact adult division bids
    • $30 per team not already a member for the year
  • Single (1x) Battle Points for participating teams
  • Listed on main FFWCT website under the Sanctioned Events tab, on the full Tournament List page, and promoted via social media
  • All other benefits listed above


Want to tap into the Battle™ brand to host an official regional qualifier on our Battle Circuit with assistance marketing and promoting from the FFWCT? Apply below!

  • Ability to give double (2x) Battle Points for participating teams
  • May gain access to use “Battle” name trademark pertaining to individual City or State
  • Listed on FFWCT Website under official Battle tournament events tab, full tournament list and promoted via social media
  • FFWCT will create a customized landing page on main FFWCT website, listing the event as “hosted” by your organization with link to your website.
  • FFWCT will create a custom Battle flyer for Tournament Organizer to use in promoting
  • FFWCT will post created Battle flyer across all FFWCT tournament social media channels
    • Tournament will be promoted across all channels 1x per month leading up to the event
    • Tournament will be promoted across all channels 1 additional time exactly 1 week prior to the registration deadline of the event.
  • FFWCT will help find sponsors for the event with a revenue share going towards event organizer
  • FFWCT will assist in handling all hotel needs, including negotiating for comped rooms and rebates
  • FFWCT will assist in acquiring or negotiating reduced or free field costs and considerations for the event
  • Organizer will pay 1 full bid towards the 2019 FFWCT National Championships in Orlando, FL on January 17-20, 2019 for each division with 8 registered teams or more, or one ½ bid for divisions with 7 or less teams.


  • What organization is putting on the league or tournaments if applicable?
  • Select all that apply.
  • Date can be flexible, but best guess if possible.
  • Tell us a little about the league or tournament event and why you think being affiliated with FFWCT will be beneficial, along with a brief history of it's success.
  • Which services below are you interested in finding out more about how we can help?

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