5 on 5 Non-Contact Flag Football Rules

These rules are based off of USFTL 5 on 5 Non-Contact Playing Rules as of January, 2016. Major differences and changes are bolded.

1. Game length = 24 minutes (league play)/2 – 12 minute halves (Clock stops last minute of game)

2. Roster = 12 Players maximum/2 players minimum to avoid forfeit.

3. SCORING: TD = 6 points / Extra Point = 1 point (5 yards), 2 points (12 yards),  Safety = 2 points

4. Screen blocking is allowed behind the line of scrimmage. No direct contact may be initiated.

5. The Offense may run the ball if the QB hands it off to a player in the backfield. The player receiving the hand-off has the option to pass until he crosses the line of scrimmage. The 7-second clock is not in effect after a hand-off or throwback. Defense may rush immediately after a hand-off or throwback.

6. The “NO-RUN ZONES” are located 5 yards from the goal line & the mid-field 1st down line.

7. Unlimited laterals ARE allowed, both behind the line of scrimmage and downfield.

8. All players are eligible to receive passes

9. Only players starting 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage can rush the passer

10. If no rush is initiated, a quarterback has 7 seconds to attempt a pass or the play is ruled dead, ball placed at line of scrimmage

11. All drives & changes of possession (except interceptions) start at the 5 yd line

12. Offense has 3 plays to cross the mid-field line or score a touchdown

13. All Offensive Live-Ball penalties= Loss of down & yardage; All Offensive Dead-Ball Penalties will enforce appropriate yardage but will not result in a loss of down. Defensive Penalties – Automatic 1st down

14. Official Flag is “FLAG-A-TAG SONIC BOOM BELT” (All teams provide their own Flags).

15. Any ball that hits the ground will be ruled dead. Fumbles or Muffs are dead at spot

16. Ball must be snapped between legs, not off to one side to start play

17. Protective mouthpieces and headgear are optional, available on-site for a small fee.

18. Flagrant contact fouls will not be tolerated. Offending player(s) will be ejected from that game, sit out the next game and pay a fine

19. Interceptions may be returned

20. Two (2) 30 second timeouts per game. One (1) 30 second timeout per overtime period.

21. Overtime – 1 extra point play from 5 yard line – 1 point (pass), 12 yard line – 2 points (run or pass) or 18 yard line – 3 points (run or pass)

22. Roughing the QB also includes striking the arm when the defense tries to block the pass

23. Defensive players have to be one yard off the ball at the snap

24. Any player that comes off the sidelines during a fight will be ejected

25. All players flag belts must be worn properly. The hip points must be facing out. And the ribs on the flag must be facing out. The referee will enforce the licensed flag and, if improperly used, will result in a live ball penalty

26. No stiff arming allowed – considered flag guarding

27. Center snap – If ball hits ground, ball dead at spot

28. If player falls down, or if knee touches ground, ball is dead at spot – player may not get up and run

29. Teams will switch ends at half time

30. Footballs – Regular size for adult men, junior size for adult females and youth (boys & girls). All teams provide their own Football.

31. Cleats are allowed but must be rubber. No metal baseball spikes allowed. Inspections will be made on field

32. Field size: 60 yards long (including end zones) and 25 yards wide (2-7 yard end zones; 2-23 yard playing zones)

33. When flags fall off inadvertently, revert to a 1 hand touch between shoulders and knees.

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