8v8 Contact Rules – Men’s & Women’s


Format: 8 Man Contact. Rules have been modified by league directors to fit the playing style of the FFWCT.

The Field: The dimensions of the field are 100 yds. x 53 1/3 yds (or 80 x 50 if facility restraints). End zones will be 10 yards and there will be 4 playing zone each being 20 yards each. 1st downs will be achieved at the 20, 40, and 20 yard lines respectively. There will be a team box that extends from the 20 yard lines on each sideline. Teams must stay within these confines or they will be penalized.

Duration of Games: 40 Minutes (20 Minute halves, Last 2 Minutes of the Second Half will enforce Regulation Timing Rules) 2 Timeouts per Half (30 seconds).

Mercy Rule: If a team is up by 19 points at the 2 minute warning in the second half the game will be called.

Play Off Tiebreakers: Head to Head, Points Diff, Strength of Schd.

Roster Limit: Each team is allowed 30 designated roster spots.

Start of Games: Game time is forfeit time. If your team is not flagged up and ready to go at the start of your game, the game will be forfeited to your opponent. Start of games occurs with the away team calling the coin-toss in the air to decide who gets possession of the ball first.

Kickoffs: At the start of each game and at the coin toss both teams must agree NOT to kick for kickoffs after each score and the start of each half. If One team elects to kick both teams MUST kick after each score and each half. If both teams agree NOT to kick each half will start with a kick-off from the 40 yard line. The kicking team will kick off from their 40 yard line and the defense will be positioned 10 yards from the spot of the kickoff. After scores, teams will take possession at the 35 yard line if at the start of the game both team choose NOT to kick. If a kickoff goes out of bounds untouched beyond the receiving team’s restraining line, but before the 35 yard line, the ball is put in play at the point where the ball left the field of play. If the ball goes out of bounds untouched between the 35 yard line and the goal line the ball is put in play at the 35 yard line.

Scoring: Teams are awarded 6 points for a touchdown
Extra Point Attempt: A) Any roughing of the kicker, holder or center is: 1. Automatic 15 yards on kick off. 2. Choice of 1, 2 or 3 points from the 1 yard line. 3. Run, pass or kick from the 1 yard line for 1 or 2 points. B) Captain may change his mind on 1, 2 or 3 point try if he has a time out, but not after an assessed penalty.

FFWCT Rules & Regulations

FFWCT participants must be 18 years of age or older. This is an adult flag football league. All adults that play in the FFWCT must sign a Consent and Liability waiver. This must be signed in order to participate in any FFWCT league game or tournament games. Waivers will be provided prior to the start of the season and on the day of tournaments.

Legal Equipment: Players of the same team must wear the same color or similar colored jerseys. Jerseys must be long enough to remain tucked into the pants or short enough so that a minimum of 4 inches between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants. Any shorts or pants worn during play must not have pockets located where flags would normally hang from the flag belt. This is to reduce the risk of injury when pulling flags. If discovered during a game or a pocket becomes ripped during a play (an attempt at deflagging a player) and that player was involved, the previous play will be replayed be forced to change or removed from play immediately. Any shorts or pants that have striping, piping or a design that camouflages a player’s flags or flag belt will not be allowed. Shoes must be of canvas, leather, or synthetic material which covers the foot attached to a firm sole of leather, rubber, or composition mater which may have cleats or be cleatless. Cleats are limited to studs or projections which do not exceed 1/2 inch in length and are made with nonabrasive rubber or rubber-like synthetic material which does not chip or develop a cutting edge. Rubber cleats with a tipped metal material are legal. Baseball cleats with metal spikes as well as track shoes with metal spikes are illegal. Track shoes without metal spikes are legal.

This is CONTACT flag football. Keep in mind it is NOT FULL CONTACT. Players will encounter contact while playing FFWCT games and will be playing at their own risk. The league will be providing 3 referees to every game to help insure a safe playing field for all athletes and to enforce penalties. Athletes may suffer injuries while playing and play at their own risk. They assume all liability while playing in FFWCT events. (Against the FFWCT, Hosting Site and any vendors/sponsors at the event).

Punting: On any down, the offense may request protection for a protected punt. Both teams must maintain at least 4 players on the line until the ball is kicked. Lineman on the defensive line may raise their arms, and or jump to distract, or try to block the kick. They may not cross the line of scrimmage. If the punter drops the snap and the ball hits the ground, the ball is dead at the spot. The punter must receive the snap at least 5 yards behind the center and immediately punt the ball. The penalty for not punting the ball immediately shall be a 5 yard illegal procedure penalty. If a protected punt has been announced and a timeout is called, the team must re-declare their intention for a protected punt. If a protected punt has been announced and then the kicking team purposely runs an offensive play, the penalty shall be a dead ball foul unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, 10 yards, and a loss of down. All touchbacks from punts will be placed at the 15 yard line. The offense cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.

Blocking is allowed. All blocking MUST BE open handed and not utilize the elbows/shoulders. Blockers must keep it opened handed and to the chest. No contact to the face is allowed and will be called a penalty EVERY TIME. EJECTIONS WILL BE WARRANTED ON SHOULDER BLOCKS. INCIDENTAL OR NOT. Stiff Arming and Flag Guarding are ILLEGAL and merit penalties and possible ejections (Depending on if the stiff arm/flag guard was of malicious intent).

Simultaneous Flag Guard/Flag Pull: In the event a runner goes to flag guard a defensive player but, the defensive player pulls their flag simultaneously. A penalty will not be called because the runner gained no advantage from the flag pull. If they flag guard, the defensive player misses the flag pull, it will be called as normal flag guarding.

Equipment: Flag belts must be 100% visible at all times while on the field. Shirts or jerseys must be tucked in and not hang over the flag belt. If a player’s flag belt falls off and it isn’t due to a defender pulling it, he must be tagged with one hand to be considered down. If a player is caught TYING OR ALTERING the belt in a way to provide an unfair advantage the player will be ejected for the remainder of the game. If he is caught tying the belt a second time, he will be suspended for the rest of the year. Ball caps MUST be worn FORWARD at all times.

Overtime Rules: Overtime will start with a coin-toss. The home team will announce heads or tails prior to the flip of the coin. Each team will receive possession of the ball and has 4 plays to score from 20 yards out. After a touchdown, the offense will elect to go for a 1,2 or 3 point conversion. There is NO KICKING in Overtime. If the score is tied at the end of the second overtime, teams must go for a 2 or 3 point extra point. Overtime will continue until a winner is declared. Choices will continue to be reversed per overtime period. One time out per team, per overtime period. Interceptions on returned overtime extra points are worth the value of the attempted overtime extra point (1,2 or 3 points).

Line of Scrimmage: The offense must have 4 players on the line of scrimmage each play. Players in motion do not count. Referees will be checking with players insuring they have enough players on the line prior to each snap.

Spot is the Ball: The ball is where players will be spotted from if their flag is broken and etc. When catching passes by the sidelines, a receiver must control the ball and get 1 foot down inside the field prior to going out of bounds. The NFL makes receivers get 2 feet in bounds, the FFWCT only makes a receiver get 1 foot in bounds. If a player is going to come down with feet in bounds and the defender pushes the receiver out of bounds; the catch will be granted and a personal foul penalty will be issued for illegal contact.

Simultaneous Catches: In the event a WR and a DB both catch the ball at the same time, the tie goes to the offensive player.

No Diving: If a player leaves his feet in an effort to gain yards, a penalty will be called. This doesn’t refer to a defender leaving his feet to attempt to gain possession of a flag  but defensive players who leave their feet are responsible for their contact. This is merely in relation to diving to gain extra yards. Players may ONLY stretch their arm out to gain more yards. Players may not JUMP forward to advance a ball, players MAY jump to avoid contact or injury.

Wrap Flag: Since this is a contact league, players may use their body to assist in stopping the momentum of an offensive player. However in this motion, the defensive player MUST come up with the offensive players flag, if they do not, it will be called unnecessary roughness, 10 yard penalty. It comes to attempting to sack the quarterback, the rusher MUST come up with the flags if they body up, if they don’t get the flags, it is roughing the passer, 10 yard penalty, and an automatic first down.

Personal Fouls: Player safety is a major concern of the league and personal fouls will be enforced 100% every game. Personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct will be 10 yard penalties and warrant ejection for the players that commit them. Personal fouls and unnecessary roughness are two things the league has 0 tolerance for. The following acts are seen as personal fouls and may warrant ejection and possible disbarment from the league. (Punching, striking, kicking, tripping, making unnecessary contact with a player after a ball is whistled dead, lowering a shoulder, driving players to the ground, and tackling.)

Fighting: If an individual throws a punch at another player in our league, they will automatically be ejected from the day/tournament. If that same player is caught a second time with as little as push of another player after already been kicked out previous for fighting this player is done for the season, and at commish discretion could be banned for LIFE and suspended from the FFWCT with no refund.If a team leaves their sideline to assist in breaking up a fight, this action will not be taken (See rule below). ALL ACTIONS WILL BE ON FFWCT VIDEO AND BE REVIEWED BY THE LEAGUE. WHEN AN ALTERCATION STARTS, THE VIDEO KEEPS ROLLING.

Clearing of benches during a scuffle or brawl: No Team may leave their bench during such event to fight. IF there is a FIGHT or brawl and our staff is unable to break up ONLY the captain’s will be given the right to interfere. IF FOR WHATEVER reason both teams leave the bench to participate in a fight and someone from either sideline throws a punch,pushes or throws another player to the ground that player will be ejected ALONG with the Captain of the team
that entered the field to fight. IF benches clear or several players enter the field of play to engage in any type of stand offs for a 2nd time BOTH teams will forfeit the game. If these teams have other games that day, the players involved in the fighting will be done as well and the teams captains. Team captains and coaches are IN CHARGE of their sidelines NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Off-Sides/Encroachment: If a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage, the play is automatically whistled dead and is assessed as an encroachment penalty.

Onside Kicks (RULE): During the last (2) minute of the second half ONLY, the free kick must follow a score. The kick must be returned by the receiving team past the 20 yard line, or further, (after all penalties have been assessed), or kicking team shall receive the ball at mid-field, with first down and the next zone line to gain. Applies only to losing team. In the event of a touchback, the receiving team gets the ball at the 20 yard line.

  • IF a ball is kicked in the endzone and STAYS in the endzone (lying motionless) the ball is now dead and the receiving team will contain possession.
  • IF the kicking team kicks the ball out of the back of the endzone, the receiving team will then contain possession .
  • IF the receiving team catches a ball inside the endzone and takes a knee in the endzone the ball is then brought out to the 20 yard line and receiving team will maintain possession
  • IF the ball is kicked INTO the endzone and then bounces or rolls outside of the endzone the ball is LIVE. If this happens, the receiving team must return the ball past the 20 yard line to maintain possession or the kicking team will take over at the 50 yard line with possession . If this happens and the kicking team touches the ball then the ball is dead but can not be advanced, therefore the kicking team will contain possession at the 50 yard line.

Officials Jurisdiction: An official assumes authority 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time, and until they have left the field. The officials have the authority to rule on any situation not specifically covered in the rules. His/her decision is final, unless ruled otherwise by the supervisor on duty or the Director of the Sport. The official has the right to eject players or have them sit out of part or all of the game. Fans, coaches, and spectators are a part of a team and any fouls they commit will go against their team. If two players are ejected from one team during a game, the game will be forfeited by the offending team and will be declared a victory for the opposing team whether or not the opposing team was winning or not. Fighting will not be tolerated in any manner and will result in expulsion from the league and could result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Ejections/Suspensions: In certain situations, we will assess consequences depending on the severity of the situation. If 2 players from the same team are ejected from a game, the game is automatically forfeited in favor of the opposing team. If 2 players from each team become ejected from the same event, it will be ruled a double forfeit and both teams will receive a loss. Fines will be issued and a player cannot participate in any league events until the fine is paid.

NO Player/coach/captain will in any way shape or form threaten or try to intimidate by means of words to physically harm or hurt anyone on an opposing team, league official or member of the FFWCT staff.

  • First Offence – A Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be asset.
  • Second Offence – Player will be tossed from the game and will be done for the DAY
  • Third Offense – Player will be done for the season (FEE to re enter the League will be $50.00)
  • Fourth Offense- Player will Banned from any FFWCT event for the LIFE (NO EXCEPTIONS)

FOUL LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED – Players will be warned ONE time during for this event and If a player continues to use foul language during the course of a event or day they will be removed for that day and this will be there first Offence , 2nd Offense, unsportsmanlike contact and player is done for the day. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be addressed after the FIRST WARNING, each player/team and sideline will have ONE warning for this until penalty will be addressed for Unsportsmanlike.


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