How to make your Flag a Tag Flag Football Flags legally harder to pull for 30¢

What if I told you, that for just 30¢, I could make you a better flag football player? Ok, follow my logic here. In flag football, someone who’s flag doesn’t get pulled nearly as often is probably better than the guy who does right? Granted there are many things needed to make that happen, but having flags that are harder to pull definitely helps, and if all things are equal, and your flags are better than the next guys, you’re the better player right? Ok that might be a stretch, BUT technically it’s true, so continue reading below and watch the quick video for this super simple tip on improving your Flag a Tag flag football flags (legally!) for just 30¢! Also, be sure and read our disclaimer note at the bottom for some clarification on what we’re condoning and recommending. Admit it, if y...

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