8v8 Screen Men’s Recreational Battle Rankings

Below are the current FFWCT Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!
3561Dream Killers8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan MarcosTX1025
3982TX Made8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX975
4553Outlaws8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalGrand PrairieTX885
4714Da Chasers8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX870
5665Khaos8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalBryan College StationTX720
6446Inner Beast8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalHoustonTX650
7277Dem Boys8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX560
7878Free Smoke8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX510
7878Seminoles8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX510
8158Scatbacks8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalMcAllenTX480
8348N.W.O.8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX470
8348TX Outlaws8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX470
8348TX Regulators8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX470
9078Wolfpack8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalBryan College StationTX430
9158Purpose8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalHoustonTX425
9188TX Rush8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalOdessaTX420
9358Dubb City8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalHoustonTX405
9368All Talk8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX400
9658Landsharks8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX390
9678Immortals8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalFriendswoodTX385
9928Team Get After It8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX365
9948Los Riots8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX360
10058254 Connect8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalWacoTX350
10058361 Bullys8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalCorpus ChristiTX350
10058Bad Rep8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalLaredoTX350
10058Bar None8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalKilleenTX350
10058Blaze8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX350
10058Bondsmen8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalLaredoTX350
10058Bricksquad8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAliceTX350
10058Gladiators8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalOdessaTX350
10058HOF8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalDallasTX350
10058Keep Austin Ballin8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX350
10058Lace Up8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalLubbockTX350
10058Misfits8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalCorpus ChristiTX350
10058New Era8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AngeloTX350
10058Oblivion8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX350
10058Ravens8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntoinoTX350
10058Rhinos8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalBryanTX350
10058Rush8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalRound RockTX350
10058SA Gators8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX350
10058Savages8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX350
10058Show Me Your TD's8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalRound RockTX350
10058Triple Threat8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalEl PasoTX350
10058Vipers8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX350
10058Warhawks8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalLacklandTX350
10298Dilly Dilly8v8 Screen Mens RecreationalKatyTX345