8v8 Screen Coed Competitive Battle Rankings

Below are the current FFWCT Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!
1061Bonnies8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveClevelandOH4401880
1962The Show8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveBaltimoreMD4001430
2423DMV Seminoles Black8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC3601295
2554TXL8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveOrlandoFL801240
3435Move In Silence8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveAtlantaGA2401050
4176Butterfly Effect8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveCharlotteGA120920
4797Chi Town Bullies8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveChicagoIL320860
5818Flight8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC700
5818Hitmen8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveBaltimoreMD700
60610Revolution8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveSacramentoCA280680
65011DMV Seminoles White8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC645
69412Gridiron Gang8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC600
71513Mojo Sports8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew BrunswickNJ200580
73714XF Titans8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC550
74815Blue Chips8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveAugustaGA540
74815Onslaught8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveAlbanyNY160540
83017DC Blackout8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC475
84617Chaos8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveCharlotteNC460
84617Alcoballics8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY80460
87517Young Bloods8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWashingtonDC450
91817Fed Up8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX420
93617Swang and Bang8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX400
96817Little Giants8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHartfordCT380
111417Fruition8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveCharlotteNC260
111417Gang Green8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveFayettevilleNC260
128517Hurricanes SZN8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY90
128517Pink Panthers8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY90
129717Gotham Rogues8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY80
129717Marvel@us8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY80
129717Space Jam8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY80
129717Team Mariani8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY80
132217Henny & Edibles8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY60
132217L.O.E.8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY60
133017Cobra Kai8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50
133017Heroes In A Half Shell8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50
133017Matt Damon8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50
133017Savvy's Squad8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50
133017Team Hard Body8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50
133017USA Super Dolphins8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveNew YorkNY50