8v8 Contact Women’s Competitive Battle Rankings

Below are the current FFWCT Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!
741She-Unit8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveLos AngelesCA5202050
1132The OGs8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL4801780
1923Miami Live8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveMiamiFL2001380
2014Lady Dominators8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveWashingtonDC1360
2014VA Vixens8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveNewport NewsVA1360
2316DMV Seminoles8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveWashingtonDC401280
3137Lyte N Tyte8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA2801060
3708DawkSports Ladies8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveTorontoCanada320980
3708Windy City Force8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL80980
44310The Pound8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveTampaFL880
46411Bama Finest8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBirminghamAL400865
47312Lady Tigers8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA850
50113Mayhem8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveOrlandoFL800
52514Code Red8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA240775
54015Cayman Islands8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveGrand CaymanCayman360740
75216Lady Clan8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveWashingtonDC520
88917Primetime Stallions8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA430
97417Lady Predators8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA360
103017Lady Convicts8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBirminghamAL300
103017First String8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBay AreaCA300
103017Arsenal8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA300
103017Mayhem8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA300
108817919 Chaos8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveRaleighNC240
110417Storm8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA220
113717Bahama All Stars8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveNassauBahamas190
115817Lady Oilers8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBoiseID160
117717Lady Paniolos8v8 Contact Womens CompetitivePearl CityHI140
119817Lady Spartans8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveNassauBahamas130
120817Stallions8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveAtlantaGA120
120817NJ Fire8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveNewarkNJ120
122017Lady Flames8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBirminghamAL95
122017Lady Venom8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL95
122317Lady Stars8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBirminghamAL90
122317Dora Milaje8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL90
122717Lady Young Gunz8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveBirminghamAL85
122717Sacks and The City8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL85
123117Deez TDs8v8 Contact Womens CompetitiveChicagoIL80

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