8v8 Screen Men’s Competitive 2018 Battle Rankings

Below are the current 2018 FFWCT Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!
2051Trojans8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX1350
2652Usual Suspects8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX1160
3813Unleashed8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX960
3844Bad Boyz8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveRobstownTX940
3844New Era8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX940
3996EVO8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveCorpus ChristiTX920
4597Nenc8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveWacoTX860
4918Big Sacks8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX810
5199Warriors8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX775
52910Samurai8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveCorpus ChristiTX750
58611ASAP8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX680
64412Nightmare8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX630
64813Humble Beast8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX620
68414Nemesis8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveEdinburgTX590
70215Wolfpack8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveRio Grande ValleyTX560
71316DBK8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveRound RockTX550
71316Too Much Sauce8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX550
74418AgNb8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX520
76519Syndicate8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveDallasTX510
77220Underground Legends8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveHearneTX500
78920Next Level Texans8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX490
88820Jackboys8v8 Screen Mens CompetitivePort ArthurTX430
88820Warriors8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveLaredoTX430
89920All Madden8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX420
89920Culprits8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveBryan College StationTX420
91620Xclusive8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveDallasTX410
92020Da Boyz8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveRound RockTX400
92020Warriors8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveBryan College StationTX400
94720Friction8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveOdessaTX390
96820Alphas8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX370
97620Gamecocks8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveRound RockTX350
101720Fire8v8 Screen Mens CompetitiveBaton RougeLA310

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