2018 Battle Points & Rankings

Below are the current 2018 FFWCT Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!



1111AZ Union5v5 Contact Mens PRO12106003010
2111Cali Coalition8v8 Contact Mens PRO12004002900
3111Wet N' Dirty4v4 Mens PRO12001202520
4121Curry Bombers5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO5006402440
5211A.M.C.8v8 Contact Mens PRO9054802375
6221E.S.S.5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO11002200
7221Judah5v5 Contact Mens PRO8304002180
8111Poles & Holes8v8 Screen CoEd PRO8803602140
9111Quick Strike7v7 Screen Mens PRO990802070
10231What Zone7v7 Screen Mens PRO8603601920
11321Roofless5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO7203201840
12242SportsManias4v4 Mens PRO7003201820
12111Wacky Ducks5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive7204001820
14231Dime Piece Endeavors8v8 Screen CoEd PRO6602401800
15353Florida Made4v4 Mens PRO6901601750
16111Wrecking Crew5v5 Contact Mens Competitive4502801730
17321Main Event5v5 Contact Mens PRO7003201720
17321Sickwidit8v8 Contact Mens PRO6003201720
19431Roofless4v4 Mens PRO5403601700
20111iam423.com7v7 Screen Mens Recreational7703601680
21564#Motie4v4 Mens PRO6702001670
22421AZ Union5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO3404001640
23411YKWTFGO8v8 Contact Mens PRO690401630
24675The Ducks4v4 Mens PRO620801600
24531AZ Union8v8 Contact Mens PRO3403601600
24141Fort Irwin Black Widows8v8 Contact Womens PRO6002001600
27231A.T.A. Warriors5v5 Contact Mens Competitive6201570
28181Warriors4v4 Mens Recreational7003601560
28411SMYTD's5v5 Contact Mens PRO530801560
28511Under Rated5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO3604001560
28622GU8v8 Contact Mens PRO4802801560
32796Sik Wit It/Slime4v4 Mens PRO600401540
33642FUKEM5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO7201520
33221Wolfpack7v7 Screen Mens Recreational6204001520
35332Rough Riders7v7 Screen Mens PRO6002001500
36131Knights8v8 Contact Mens Recreational6652001490
371101Hi-Five Gameface4v4 Mens Competitive6802001480
37841Under Rated4v4 Mens PRO1804001480
377102Wet N' Dirty5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO600801480
3743176ers7v7 Screen Mens PRO5002801480
41141DMV Elite8v8 Contact Mens Competitive6001601460
42251SMYTDs5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive4803601440
42853Obey5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO6401440
42842Phx Fire5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO3602801440
421121Warriors5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational5404001440
461031Main Event5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO5601601420
47241Reloaded8v8 Contact Womens PRO4953601405
481131What Zone7v7 Screen Womens PRO5004001400
48351Capitol Punishment8v8 Contact Womens PRO5004001400
50241Falcons8v8 Contact Mens Competitive5154001365
5191473054v4 Mens PRO4601360
512142E.S.S.4v4 Mens Recreational7001601360
511141What Zone5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO5003601360
54361Takeover8v8 Contact Mens Competitive5402401355
55451CV Demons8v8 Contact Mens Competitive2803601340
56411The OGs8v8 Contact Womens PRO4503201320
57211CCC7v7 Screen Womens PRO4503601310
58261Dime Piece Endeavor5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO4004001300
583171The Ducks5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive5001300
58543Straight Hood7v7 Screen Mens PRO4004001300
611011Athletes4v4 Mens PRO3801280
61572Maniax AC8v8 Contact Mens Competitive2453601280
633183Sinister4v4 Mens Recreational730401270
63321Mean Machine5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO4503201270
65683DPG Maddogs8v8 Contact Mens Competitive610801265
664194Venom4v4 Mens Recreational6201201240
66711Allstars United8v8 Contact Mens PRO4502401240
68361Capitol Punishment7v7 Screen Womens PRO4003201220
69572DMV Elite5v5 Contact Mens PRO4202401210
70652Phx Fire5v5 Contact Mens PRO4004001200
70822Extreme Odds8v8 Contact Mens PRO3004001200
70391Bonnies8v8 Screen CoEd PRO3004001200
739101Raiders8v8 Contact Mens PRO4901190
744111Our Girls Bonnies Guys5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO4002801180
744202What Zone5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive3801180
7411112Aardvarks5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO2002801180
74531Dream Catchers8v8 Contact Womens PRO4002801180
78561FCD5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive6601160
781021Windy City Hammer8v8 Contact Mens PRO3602001160
801111Carolina Certified8v8 Contact Mens PRO3901601150
812132Monstars8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4203201140
821151Primetime4v4 Mens PRO1802401120
82211Voo Doo5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational5003201120
821232Playboy Bunnies8v8 Contact Mens PRO3204001120
82672She-Unit8v8 Contact Womens PRO3204001120
824142Our Girls Hate Small Balls8v8 Screen CoEd PRO3003201120
82472Plan B8v8 Screen CoEd PRO5201120
88731Blackshirts8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4901201110
89561Honey Badgers4v4 Mens Recreational4004001100
89311Dream Team-Frederick8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4004001100
896211What Zone8v8 Screen CoEd PRO4002001100
92681A.T.A. Warriors5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive4002801080
9312848175v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO5601060
93811Stover Medical8v8 Contact Mens Competitive3003601060
93721Smiles Are For Free8v8 Screen CoEd PRO4001601060
96781Danger5v5 Contact Mens PRO3203201040
96731BoroBoyz5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive3203201040
96391Decepticons5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational4401040
96631BoroBoyz7v7 Screen Mens PRO3002401040
96711Tight Endz8v8 Contact Womens PRO3203201040
96783The Pack8v8 Contact Womens PRO3602801040
96742Black Mambas8v8 Contact Womens PRO4002401040
1038101Coyotes5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive3201020
103321Team Nasty7v7 Screen Mens Recreational4003201020
10513223Slime5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO5001000
10510114Cali Fire8v8 Contact Womens PRO2403601000
10714105TX Outlaws5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO490990
107432Gridiron Monstars8v8 Contact Mens Recreational450240990
107851Mean Machine8v8 Screen CoEd PRO45040990
110441Hot Heads7v7 Screen Mens Recreational400280980
110951Wolfpac8v8 Contact Mens Competitive300280980
1128152Mud City5v5 Contact Mens PRO270970
1121011Yankees8v8 Contact Mens Competitive58040970
114921Becks Plus One5v5 Contact Mens PRO300160960
114921Carolina Certified5v5 Contact Mens PRO360960
11415122Primetime5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO240320960
114762Mean Machine7v7 Screen Mens PRO300160960
1181111Bandits8v8 Screen Mens PRO350950
1191172Pitt Pumas5v5 Contact Mens PRO120120940
119411Primetime5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational400240940
1215163Dick Adgate Florist8v8 Contact Mens Recreational440160925
12212231E.S.S.5v5 Contact Mens PRO240280920
1228171Pound For Pound7v7 Screen Mens PRO100320920
1228121Young Guns7v7 Screen Mens PRO300120920
1252132Trojans8v8 Screen Mens PRO310910
12613242What Zone5v5 Contact Mens PRO400900
126522Greendale Human Beings5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational400200900
1266184Team Dominate8v8 Contact Mens Recreational220280900
12912192Maniax AC4v4 Mens PRO100280880
1291611Thundercats5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO240240880
129921Giant Lions8v8 Screen CoEd PRO30080880
129941The Untouchables8v8 Screen CoEd PRO100280880
1333143Team Slow8v8 Screen Mens PRO370870
1341791The Brand5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0360860
1344154Field Mob8v8 Screen Mens PRO360860
1366101A.T.A. Warriors4v4 Mens Recreational140840
1361471Black Panthers5v5 Contact Mens PRO30040840
1361831Carolina Certified5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO30040840
13618133Troopers5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO80360840
136532River City Rampage7v7 Screen Mens Recreational300240840
136751Chicago Elite8v8 Contact Mens Recreational36080840
1425165Texans8v8 Screen Mens PRO320820
1431171Usual Suspects8v8 Screen Mens Competitive510810
14413182BBQChicken4v4 Mens PRO400800
14413182Obey4v4 Mens PRO300800
1441542Queen City Bulls5v5 Contact Mens PRO100200800
144131Becks Plus One5v5 Non-Contact Competitive200800
1442051All Gas No Breaks5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO300800
14420144The Outsiders5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO240160800
14413142Danger8v8 Contact Mens PRO240160800
144853Indy Blazers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational300200800
14411181YG8v8 Contact Womens PRO400800
1539205Seminoles8v8 Contact Mens Recreational325120770
15415214FUKEM4v4 Mens PRO360760
154281Iam423.com5v5 Non-Contact Competitive160760
15422216BBQChicken5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO360760
154671bALL-out Nationals5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational300160760
154671Blitzkrieg5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational100360760
1541074Pittboyz8v8 Contact Mens Recreational100360760
160881Honey Badgers5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational450750
1611151Players Inc. Patriots8v8 Contact Mens Competitive435735
1626236Rams8v8 Screen Mens PRO330730
1631611MN Showtime4v4 Mens PRO320720
1637255DMW4v4 Mens Recreational100320720
1632321Athletes5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO100120720
1632311Colorado Huskers5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO320720
16323247Paranoid5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO320720
1631443Sin City Assasins8v8 Contact Mens PRO320720
1631141Team Nasty8v8 Screen CoEd PRO100120720
16311243YG Family8v8 Screen CoEd PRO320720
1711054Fighting Cancer7v7 Screen Mens PRO400700
1711251The Kitchen8v8 Contact Mens Competitive400700
17113264Humble Beast8v8 Screen CoEd PRO300700
1717267Young Guns8v8 Screen Mens PRO300700
1751761Phx Fire4v4 Mens PRO280680
1758101Indy Blazers4v4 Mens Recreational30080680
175892Looking To Score4v4 Mens Recreational100280680
17526288Mustangs5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO280680
175933Diablos5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational100280680
1759262Hi-Five5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational30080680
1751564LOL8v8 Contact Mens PRO280680
1751562Shockers8v8 Contact Mens PRO10080680
1751411DTF8v8 Screen CoEd PRO280680
17514285Balls Deep8v8 Screen CoEd PRO280680
1851301TX Made8v8 Screen Mens Recreational400675
1862272Just did it4v4 Mens Competitive80280660
1862272Squad4v4 Mens Competitive360660
186311Hapolo BOTO5v5 Contact Mens Competitive360660
18613722nd 2 None8v8 Contact Mens Competitive360660
19018315Voodoo4v4 Mens PRO240640
19010211Cincy Extreme4v4 Mens Recreational100240640
1901191Activ85v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational30040640
1901162B.O.B.7v7 Screen Mens PRO10040640
1901785LV ELITE8v8 Contact Mens PRO240640
1901721MN Showtime8v8 Contact Mens PRO10040640
1901671Desert Heat8v8 Screen CoEd PRO240640
1972322Dream Killers8v8 Screen Mens Recreational350625
1984294PIFFGAME4v4 Mens Competitive320620
198491Elite Installs5v5 Contact Mens Competitive320620
198992OTF5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive320620
1989293Sinister Sik Wit It5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive320620
198171Process Elite Royals7v7 Screen Mens Competitive320620
1981421Colorado Matadors8v8 Contact Mens Competitive320620
2048338Clutch8v8 Screen Mens PRO210610
20519101BoroBoyz4v4 Mens PRO100600
20519223Confusion4v4 Mens PRO100600
20519318Team Lightning4v4 Mens PRO100600
20519346YG4v4 Mens PRO200600
2051141Voo Doo4v4 Mens Recreational300600
2055111Gridiron Monstars5v5 Contact Mens Competitive100600
205531MN Showtime5v5 Contact Mens Competitive100600
205111Money Team5v5 Contact Mens Recreational100600
2055341HOF5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO300600
2052741FPF All Stars5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO100600
20527112Mercenaries5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO100600
20527101Simply Amazing5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO100600
20527349YG5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO200600
20527349Booming5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO80120600
2051341Adrenaline5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRO300600
2056311Team What!7v7 Screen Mens Recreational400600
20515162Goon Squad8v8 Contact Mens Competitive80120600
205191638Ballers8v8 Contact Mens PRO200600
223711Montana Buds5v5 Contact Mens Competitive280580
22311182TillzKillz5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive280580
223211Boom Squad7v7 Screen Mens Competitive280580
22316113StormTroopers8v8 Contact Mens Competitive280580
22316112Hitmen8v8 Contact Mens Competitive280580
2239399Benjis8v8 Screen Mens PRO180580
2296402Vengeance5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO270570
22912402Crazy Cheetah5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational320570
2292402Texas Elite Spartans Flag5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRO270570
2292402Bad Boyz8v8 Screen Mens Competitive320570
229104010Tip Drill8v8 Screen Mens PRO220570
2342382TELLURGIRLWESAYHI4v4 Mens PRO160560
23423339Tribe4v4 Mens PRO160560
23412336Royal Flush4v4 Mens Recreational360560
2348102Neon Black5v5 Contact Mens Competitive160560
2343283Spock Nation5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO160560
2343283AZ Slaughter Gang5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO8080560
23413333Bang Squad5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational360560
2343453Nenc8v8 Screen Mens Competitive310560
2421661ESPN5v5 Contact Mens PRO205555
24211121Disciples8v8 Contact Mens Recreational380555
24414463Cen-Tex Takeover5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational300550
244121Lions9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO250550
2465365Flash Bang4v4 Mens Competitive240540
24613367Black Magik4v4 Mens Recreational240540
2469132Smashmouth5v5 Contact Mens Competitive190540
2467473Last Minute5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO240540
24612364Tunesquad5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive240540
2463473Pretty Tough5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRO240540
2463361Tampa Bay Aces7v7 Screen Mens Competitive240540
24618131Dream Team-Brown8v8 Contact Mens Competitive10040540
24618124LV Brawlers8v8 Contact Mens Competitive240540
2464474Unleashed8v8 Screen Mens Competitive140540
2565505EVO8v8 Screen Mens Competitive230530
25725191Coyotes4v4 Mens PRO120520
257254010Youngbloodz4v4 Mens PRO120520
25734195Reckless5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO120520
25734195Pick City5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO8040520
25715404FBGM5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational320520
2571551River City Rampage5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational100120520
257781EFC ELITE7v7 Screen Mens Recreational320520
2572031KC ELITE8v8 Contact Mens PRO120520
257221Main Event9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO220520
26627517Truth4v4 Mens PRO210510
2668422Florida’s Finest5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO210510
26636424Florida’s Finest5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO210510
26617514Usual Suspects5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational360510
2664514Passion5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRO210510
2716446Shockers4v4 Mens Competitive200500
2712831Money Team4v4 Mens PRO0500
2712141Indy Blazers5v5 Contact Mens Recreational0500
27113445Flash Bang5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive200500
27113133Trojans5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive200500
271379176ers5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
2713752Braves5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
2713761Dynasty5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
27137143Fort Wayne Finest Money Team5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
2713741FTBG5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
27137445ProMassage5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
27137112Zip'em Up5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0500
2714442Florida's Finest7v7 Screen Mens Competitive200500
27112111All Stars8v8 Contact Mens Recreational325500
285294811Florida's Finest4v4 Mens PRO180480
2852921Hapolo BOTO4v4 Mens PRO80480
2859544Truth5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO180480
2851221All Out5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitve80480
2851541Catch These Dips5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitve80480
2854454112 Live Crew5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO180480
28518101Process Elite Royals5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational280480
2855545Dallas Mixers5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRO180480
28521224Southbay Ballers8v8 Contact Mens PRO80480
285332Gladiators9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO180480
29515582Not For Hire5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive270470
29519585Slip N Slide5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational320470
29520143Smokin Ducks8v8 Contact Mens Competitive220470
2956586New Era8v8 Screen Mens Competitive270470
2953583Bamn8v8 Screen Mens Recreational220470
3007497Anarchy4v4 Mens Competitive160460
30016496Anarchy5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive160460
3001621Top Speed5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive160460
300511New World Order (N.W.O)7v7 Screen Mens Competitive160460
30431628Money Makers4v4 Mens PRO150450
30417233Team Schmoove5v5 Contact Mens PRO200450
304106252 Live Crew5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO150450
304456212TX Made5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO150450
30832242Curry Bombers4v4 Mens PRO40440
308325112Don't Sleep4v4 Mens PRO40440
30818653Twisted Black5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive240440
3084641MN Showtime5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO40440
308116511Headhunters8v8 Screen Mens PRO140440
3084654Da Chasers8v8 Screen Mens Recreational240440
3141041Brawlers5v5 Contact Mens Competitive130430
31518153Unknown Talent5v5 Contact Mens PRO175425
31513152Green Mayhem8v8 Contact Mens Recreational250425
3178528FDP(future draft picks)4v4 Mens Competitive120420
31734689G.O.M.D4v4 Mens PRO120420
31719684Smooth5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive120420
31719144The Grinch Squad5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive120420
317476813HOF5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO120420
3176523Reds renegades7v7 Screen Mens Competitive120420
31721174Hurricanes8v8 Contact Mens Competitive220420
3175685Khaos8v8 Screen Mens Recreational320420
32521725Exhibit A5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive210410
325127212Storm8v8 Screen Mens PRO110410
327355413Bad Blood4v4 Mens PRO0400
32735132Code Red4v4 Mens PRO200400
3273521DTF4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413F.E4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413Fuk em4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413Mazi Gang4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413Misfits4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413Pressure4v4 Mens PRO0400
327355413Warhawks4v4 Mens PRO0400
32714182Rush4v4 Mens Recreational100400
3271151Becks Plus One5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO200400
32748151#Fratbros5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0400
32748257Dirty Nick and the Boys5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0400
32720181Rush5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational100400
3271251Suicide Squad7v7 Screen Mens PRO200400
3274741Pretty Tough7v7 Screen Womens PRO200400
3271751Comin To Git Ya!8v8 Screen CoEd PRO200400
32717746Hall of Fame8v8 Screen CoEd PRO200400
345507614My Leg5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO90390
345443Strong Island Bulldogs9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO190390
34711143All Stars5v5 Contact Mens Competitive180380
34712111B.O.B.5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO180380
34722617CANES5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive80380
34722776Mijos5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive180380
347517715Half Cooked5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO180380
34751243Penguins5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO180380
347517715Petty Committee5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO180380
3477112Team Savannah7v7 Screen Mens Competitive180380
34713113We're Trying7v7 Screen Mens PRO180380
3475772Dallas Mixers7v7 Screen Womens PRO180380
3471972Beauties and Beast8v8 Screen CoEd PRO180380
3477777ASAP8v8 Screen Mens Competitive180380
3598828Warriors8v8 Screen Mens Competitive100375
3609151Wrecking Crew4v4 Mens Competitive160360
36015628Let's Get It4v4 Mens Recreational160360
36012251Bulldog Ice Cream5v5 Contact Mens Competitive160360
3601381Chaos5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO160360
3601381Queen City Bulls5v5 Non-Contact CoEd PRO160360
360548317S.W.A.T.5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO160360
360548317Truth5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO60360
360861Havoc7v7 Screen Mens Competitive160360
360822Iron City7v7 Screen Mens Competitive160360
3601475Rough Savages7v7 Screen Mens PRO160360
36014832Team Slow7v7 Screen Mens PRO160360
3606833Lady Capitals7v7 Screen Womens PRO160360
3606833Texas State Blazers7v7 Screen Womens PRO160360
36022205Gridiron Disciples8v8 Contact Mens Competitive210360
36014203A.T.A. Warriors8v8 Contact Mens Recreational210360
36014203Savages8v8 Contact Mens Recreational250360
360181Chaos8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive160360
360181Queen City Bulls8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive160360
36020837Balls & Dolls8v8 Screen CoEd PRO160360
36020837Vengeance8v8 Screen CoEd PRO160360
3609839Big Sacks8v8 Screen Mens Competitive110360
360554Valenti's9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO160360
38223264Bulldogs Ice Cream8v8 Contact Mens Competitive230355
38324917Clowning Around5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive150350
3836916Inner Beast8v8 Screen Mens Recreational100350
3851311Cobras5v5 Contact Mens Competitive140340
38525638Toon Squad5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive40340
38556274Pound For Pound5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO140340
38510143Slow Pokes7v7 Screen Mens Competitive140340
3851671Ryde Out7v7 Screen Mens PRO140340
390579319Lottie5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO30330
39110231Mayhem4v4 Mens Competitive120320
39110162Neon Black4v4 Mens Competitive120320
39116649Turdcutters4v4 Mens Recreational120320
3912694849ers5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive120320
391589420210 Affiliated5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO120320
391589420Hall of Fame5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO120320
39111154Evans Blackout7v7 Screen Mens Competitive120320
3911786Hangovers7v7 Screen Mens PRO120320
3911786Legion of Boom7v7 Screen Mens PRO120320
3911786Rough Fire7v7 Screen Mens PRO120320
39122949Super Smash Bros8v8 Screen CoEd PRO120320
391109410Humble Beast8v8 Screen Mens Competitive120320
40316245DMV Wolfpac8v8 Contact Mens Recreational180315
404611Speed Kills9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO110310
40527282Riverside Pub5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive100300
405609922G.O.M.D5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0300
405609922NVRS5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO0300
405139913Smokin Aces8v8 Screen Mens PRO100300
4057997Samurai8v8 Screen Mens Recreational200300
410281039Raptors5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive90290
41117256Untouchables8v8 Contact Mens Recreational210285
41181048Outlaws8v8 Screen Mens Recreational210285
413176510Wasted Talent4v4 Mens Recreational80280
4133161B.O.B.5v5 Non-Contact Competitive180280
4132910510S.O.S.5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive180280
41324295Bison8v8 Contact Mens Competitive180280
41318296Darksiders8v8 Contact Mens Recreational155280
4137227pt Spread9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO80280
41925316Dynasty8v8 Contact Mens Competitive95270
419852148 Outlaws9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO70270
421482Havoc5v5 Non-Contact Competitive160260
4212611Motor City Hammocks8v8 Contact Mens Competitive160260
4212672Warriors AC8v8 Contact Mens Competitive110260
4211110611Wolfpack8v8 Screen Mens Competitive160260
42191069Dem Boys8v8 Screen Mens Recreational160260
42622322D2 Elite8v8 Contact Mens PRO105255
427831GATA7v7 Screen Mens Recreational200250
42719337Ninos8v8 Contact Mens Recreational140250
4271210812DBK8v8 Screen Mens Competitive0250
4271210812Nightmare8v8 Screen Mens Competitive0250
4271261Rampage9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive150250
4279261Scorpions9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO100250
427921District 129v9 Ineligible Mens PRO50250
434181101Smooth4v4 Mens Recreational40240
4342311010Inner Beast8v8 Screen CoEd PRO40240
4342311010Level Up8v8 Screen CoEd PRO40240
4342311010Racks & Sacks8v8 Screen CoEd PRO40240
434231ADL Bruins9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive140240
4341165Adrenaline Rush9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO40240
4341133Grimeys9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO40240
43411282Mayhem9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO40240
44214293Metro Jags5v5 Contact Mens Competitive80230
4429172Hawk'd Up7v7 Screen Mens Recreational180230
442352F.E. Blackhawks9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive80230
4453341Misfits5v5 Contact Mens Recreational95220
4453011411Fiends5v5 Non-Contact Mens Competitive120220
44528172Baez Auto8v8 Contact Mens Competitive120220
4451411414AgNb8v8 Screen Mens Competitive120220
4454712nd Gen Seminoles9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive120220
4504352#4Flint5v5 Contact Mens Recreational65215
4511511615Syndicate8v8 Screen Mens Competitive60210
4511011610Free Smoke8v8 Screen Mens Recreational160210
4511011610Seminoles8v8 Screen Mens Recreational160210
45429367Regulators8v8 Contact Mens Competitive130205
4556211924Up & Cumming5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO100200
4553072Showtime8v8 Contact Mens Competitive100200
4551272Windy City Force8v8 Contact Womens PRO100200
4551611916Underground Legends8v8 Screen Mens Competitive100200
455563Affiliate Nation9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive100200
4602681Hurricanes8v8 Screen CoEd PRO95195
46119374Maniax AC5v5 Contact Mens PRO90190
46110183Pray 4 Rain7v7 Screen Mens Recreational140190
46131934 Lokos8v8 Contact Mens Competitive90190
46131378Cincy Heat8v8 Contact Mens Competitive90190
46120307SMD Supreme8v8 Contact Mens Recreational80190
4611371VA Vixens8v8 Contact Womens PRO90190
4611712117Nemesis8v8 Screen Mens Competitive40190
46131378Goodfellas8v8 Contact Mens Competitive90190
4696312225Smokin Aces5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO80180
46921102Vanilla Gorillaz8v8 Contact Mens Recreational80180
4691451Logos8v8 Contact Womens PRO80180
469391DMV Seminoles Black8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive80180
469611Jersey Finest9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive80180
469631Riot Squad9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive80180
4691432Gator Takeover9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO80180
4691486Strong Island Bulldogs9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO80180
47715314D4 Assassins5v5 Contact Mens Competitive70170
47715402Alzheimer's Avengers5v5 Contact Mens Competitive70170
4776412326Xplosive5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO70170
477211236Ellis County Spartans5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational120170
477211236Loud Pack5v5 Non-Contact Mens Recreational120170
47722113Spartans8v8 Contact Mens Recreational70170
4771562STL Blades8v8 Contact Womens PRO70170
4774102DMV Seminoles White8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive70170
4771412314Havoc8v8 Screen Mens PRO70170
4771212312N.W.O.8v8 Screen Mens Recreational120170
4771212312TX Outlaws8v8 Screen Mens Recreational120170
4771212312TX Regulators8v8 Screen Mens Recreational120170
4771697Crush9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO70170
49017413Warriors5v5 Contact Mens Competitive60160
4906513027After Hours Sports League5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO60160
4906513027Bamn5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRO60160
4903421Tri-State Bullies8v8 Contact Mens Competitive60160
49034113HUH8v8 Contact Mens Competitive60160
49034113UmHm Cobras8v8 Contact Mens Competitive60160
4901513015Badluck8v8 Screen Mens PRO60160
4901784Anarchy9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO60160
49017181Blue Chargers9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO60160
49017323Bullets9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO60160
49017323MD Bullets9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO60160
49034102Celtics8v8 Contact Mens Competitive60160
50218424Comeback Kids5v5 Contact Mens Competitive50150
5028112L.I. Demons9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive100150
502822NJ Blazers9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive100150
50223428614 Buckstars8v8 Contact Mens Recreational100150
50619345Game Changers5v5 Contact Mens Competitive40140
506194452 Filthy5v5 Contact Mens Competitive40140
5065162Stallions5v5 Contact Mens Recreational40140
506384410Hurricanes8v8 Contact Mens Competitive90140
50624124Monsters8v8 Contact Mens Recreational40140
5061813318Next Level Texans8v8 Screen Mens Competitive40140
5061613316Too Much Sauce8v8 Screen Mens PRO40140
506109418639v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive40140
5061033Blazers9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive90140
50610342Hawks9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive40140
5166463Peligroso5v5 Contact Mens Recreational30130
516394611CPSA8v8 Contact Mens Competitive55130
51625192Bring Em Out8v8 Contact Mens Recreational80130
5161913519Jackboys8v8 Screen Mens Competitive80130
5161913519Warriors8v8 Screen Mens Competitive80130
5161513515Wolfpack8v8 Screen Mens Recreational80130
51613105Elite9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive80130
51625469Extreme Caution8v8 Contact Mens Recreational80130
5241613816Purpose8v8 Screen Mens Recreational100125
52521366Generals5v5 Contact Mens Competitive20120
5257494Dad Bodz5v5 Contact Mens Recreational20120
5257494Redeem Team5v5 Contact Mens Recreational20120
52540203Erie's Finest8v8 Contact Mens Competitive70120
52527135Alphas8v8 Contact Mens Recreational20120
52527135Beez Neez8v8 Contact Mens Recreational20120
52527135Team United8v8 Contact Mens Recreational20120
5252113921All Madden8v8 Screen Mens Competitive70120
5252113921Culprits8v8 Screen Mens Competitive20120
5251713917Mafia8v8 Screen Mens PRO20120
52517111Quick Strike8v8 Screen Mens PRO20120
52517111Wolfpack8v8 Screen Mens PRO20120
5251452Browns9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive20120
5252131Beast Mode9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO20120
52540121All Americans8v8 Contact Mens Competitive20120
525274910Most Wanted8v8 Contact Mens Recreational70120
54142376MD Menace8v8 Contact Mens Competitive40115
5429526Don Julio5v5 Contact Mens Recreational10110
542435212LH Tigers8v8 Contact Mens Competitive35110
54231121Titans8v8 Contact Mens Recreational60110
54223131Fire8v8 Screen Mens Competitive60110
5422314223Xclusive8v8 Screen Mens Competitive60110
54215116Ryde Out9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive60110
54215123Go With The Flow9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive10110
54932388DMV Seminoles8v8 Contact Mens Recreational70105
54932131TBT Sabers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational80105
5491714317Dubb City8v8 Screen Mens Recreational80105
55210547Money Team5v5 Contact Mens Recreational0100
5521061Team Nasty5v5 Contact Mens Recreational0100
55223211N.W.O.8v8 Contact Mens PRO50100
55216192Knockout8v8 Contact Womens PRO50100
5525143Gridiron Gang8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive50100
5522514424Da Boyz8v8 Screen Mens Competitive50100
5522514424Warriors8v8 Screen Mens Competitive0100
5522014418Kryptonite8v8 Screen Mens PRO0100
5522014418Main Event8v8 Screen Mens PRO0100
5522014418Showtime8v8 Screen Mens PRO0100
5522014418Suicide Squad8v8 Screen Mens PRO0100
55217144Hooligans9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive0100
55217144Onslaught9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive0100
5522242Knights9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO0100
5522241Nomads9v9 Ineligible Mens PRO0100
5523461Team Nasty8v8 Contact Mens Recreational50100
56822556Magicians5v5 Contact Mens Competitive4595
568445513Speed Goats8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4595
56824222Cobras/U.T.8v8 Contact Mens PRO4595
5681161Lady Venom8v8 Contact Womens Competitive4595
572455714Cap City Noles8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4090
5724561Ontario Hurricanes8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4090
57245163The U8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4090
57235399NWO8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4090
5722201Apocalypse8v8 Contact Womens Competitive4090
5722201Arsenal8v8 Contact Womens Competitive4090
5722172Dora Milaje8v8 Contact Womens Competitive4090
5726154XF Titans8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive4090
5722715026Friction8v8 Screen Mens Competitive4090
5721815018Landsharks8v8 Screen Mens Recreational4090
572355711Team Ballou78v8 Contact Mens Recreational4090
58312598Legion5v5 Contact Mens Recreational3585
583485915High Performance8v8 Contact Mens Competitive3585
58348234Bombers8v8 Contact Mens Competitive3585
58348234Warriors8v8 Contact Mens Competitive3585
583374010Team Swerve8v8 Contact Mens Recreational6085
5835183Sacks and The City8v8 Contact Womens Competitive3585
58327162Strictly Business8v8 Screen CoEd PRO3585
5831915219Immortals8v8 Screen Mens Recreational6085
59113619Chargers5v5 Contact Mens Recreational3080
591386112Hellcats8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3080
5916223Lady Tigers8v8 Contact Womens Competitive3080
5916223Mayhem8v8 Contact Womens Competitive3080
5916194Deez TDs8v8 Contact Womens Competitive3080
59128173Redzone Assassins8v8 Screen CoEd PRO3080
59751256Chargers8v8 Contact Mens Competitive2575
597516316Those Guys8v8 Contact Mens Competitive5075
597396313Cardinals8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2575
5977185DC Blackout8v8 Screen CoEd Competitive2575
59729184Pylon Pythons8v8 Screen CoEd PRO2575
60214411She Loves Our D5v5 Contact Mens Recreational2070
6021411Rough Riders8v8 Contact Competitive4570
60253267Wolverines8v8 Contact Mens Competitive2070
60240208Braves8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2070
60240172Ducks8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2070
602406514Gators8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4570
602404111Generals8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1070
60240172RIT Club8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2070
6029245Primetime8v8 Contact Womens Competitive2070
60230205Ninja Throwing Stars8v8 Screen CoEd PRO2070
6022815327Alphas8v8 Screen Mens Competitive2070
60219201#TeamPetty9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
6021961Bricksquad9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
60219413BSU9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
60219413Charm City Chargers9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
6021963CT Chiefs9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
6021961Steel9v9 Ineligible Mens Competitive2070
619546617Elite Stars8v8 Contact Mens Competitive4065
61910256Code Red8v8 Contact Womens Competitive1565
6192015420Team Get After It8v8 Screen Mens Recreational4065
62215462DMV Wolfpac5v5 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62215462Disciples5v5 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62215462Sun Devils5v5 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62215462Stillwater Soldiers5v5 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62215462Exclusive5v5 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62255225Brothers AC8v8 Contact Mens Competitive1060
62255467MGM8v8 Contact Mens Competitive1060
622556718TPC8v8 Contact Mens Competitive3560
62225273Seminoles8v8 Contact Mens PRO1060
622456715Ballhawks8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3560
622456715Comeback Kids8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3560
622454612DMV Insurance8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3560
622456715Lino's8v8 Contact Mens Recreational5060
62245273Notre Dame8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1060
62211267Stallions8v8 Contact Womens Competitive1060
62211267Storm8v8 Contact Womens Competitive1060
638507118All Americans8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4555
638507118D38v8 Contact Mens Recreational3055
638505313MD Eagles8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3055
638505313The Unknown8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4555
6425429449ers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
642547320Ajay's Dawgs8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2550
642545515Black Panthers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2550
642545515DMV Bulldawgs8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
64254294Ducks8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
642547320Mercenaries8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2550
6425431Roc Boys8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
642547320The Crew8v8 Contact Mens Recreational4050
64254294Trojans8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
64254294Vikings8v8 Contact Mens Recreational050
6422915528Gamecocks8v8 Screen Mens Competitive050
6422115521254 Connect8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521361 Bullys8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521All Talk8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Bad Rep8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Bar None8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Bondsmen8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Bricksquad8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Gladiators8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Hall of Fame8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Keep Austin Ballin8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Lace Up8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Misfits8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521New Era8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Oblivion8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Ravens8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Rhinos8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Rush8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Savages8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Scarbacks8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Show Me Your TD's8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Triple Threat8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Vipers8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
6422115521Warhawks8v8 Screen Mens Recreational050
676647623Glo Gang8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2045
676647623Legion Of Doom8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2045
6766482Lex Marauders8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2045
676645717MD Psychos8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2045
676647623Reapers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3545
676645717Strictly Bizness8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2045
676645717Sun Devils8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3545
6764417944Dilly Dilly8v8 Screen Mens Recreational2045
684717926Black Panthers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1540
684717926Good Guys8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3040
684716020Punishers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3040
684716020Raiders EVO8v8 Contact Mens Recreational3040
684717926Redemption8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1540
684717926The Money Team8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1540
690778330Bulldawgs8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1035
690776222Killmongers8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1035
690778330Sanmar Elite8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1035
690778330Tha Dawgs8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2535
6948163233Hunna8v8 Contact Mens Recreational2030
694818633Swarm8v8 Contact Mens Recreational530
696838734Who's That8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1525
697846424Bio Hazard8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1020
697846424Critical Assault8v8 Contact Mens Recreational1020
699866626Grunt Squad8v8 Contact Mens Recreational010

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