FFWCT Battle Points & Rankings


Battle Points are the FFWCT’s reward and ranking system provided to teams throughout the year through participation in various FFWCT sanctioned leagues and tournaments.


Battle Points will be used for determining seeding into FFWCT hosted and sanctioned tournaments. At our National and World Championship tournaments, Battle Points will now be used to determine the draft order for pool play seeding. Points will accumulate throughout the year and will determine our rankings for the top teams across each division from all over the world!


Battle Points will be earned by participating in various FFWCT hosted and sanctioned leagues and tournaments. You will earn a set amount of Participation Points simply for playing that scales with your division (PRO, Competitive, Recreational, Amateur), bonus Champions Points for teams placing in the top 10 of each division, along with Early Bird Points at select events for teams registering early. See the chart below for a full breakdown of how many points may be earned at each event.

Participation Points are awarded just for playing in each League or Tournament, per the chart below.

Champions Points are awarded to teams who place in the top 10 of each division at FFWCT hosted or sanctioned events, per the chart below.

EXAMPLE: If you participated in our Battle Orlando Nationals this past January, in the 4v4 Competitive division and placed 3rd, you would earn 300 participation points for entering, plus an additional 320 champions points for placing 3rd, for a total of 620 points.


Q) What events will Battle Points be used at for seeding?

A) The 2020 season started January 1st, so all FFWCT hosted or sanctioned events will use Battle Points for seeding through our Panama City Beach World Championship tournament next January 2021.

Q) When will Battle Points reset?

A) Battle Points will reset mid January, 2021, following the Panama City Beach World Championships. The Battle Points teams receive from participating in this event will start the new set of points for 2021.

Q) Can Battle Points be transferred to another team, format or division?

A) No, teams cannot use Battle Points for seeding into another format, or for another team. Only exception will be for a team moving between PRO, Competitive and Recreational divisions.