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The Rise of Womens Flag Football

“This is a man’s world – but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a child.” echoes like a reverberating time machine. While many sports have accepted and embraced the participation of women, American Football remains a game reserved for only the overly-testosterone induced, jock; however like fleeting moments brushed away by the ticking...


Kill Zone – 8on8 Flag Football Plays

Kill Zone is a modification of one of our teams most effective 8on8 flag football plays, with multiple options short, deep and on the run. It's highly effective with an above average runner as your primary QB (check out these QB tips here), but you don't have to be the best athlete in the world to...


MOB – 5on5 Flag Football Plays

MOB is one of the most popular 5on5 flag football plays where handoffs & running are allowed, as it is extremely versatile, simple and effective.  Almost every team you face will switch to a zone flag football defense against a 4 bunch formation, typically a 2-2 or 3-1, which makes handoffs & throwbacks more difficult to...

USFTL National Flag Football Tournament - FlagSpin

USFTL Announces some HUGE Changes to Next Years National Flag Football Tournament Event

The USFTL just dropped a big news announcement yesterday, announcing that it's annual USFTL National Flag Football Tournament Championships, typically held in Orlando, Florida, would be moving to Tampa starting this year! Below is the official announcement! MAY 13th, 2015 - Steep in tradition, the USFTL National Championship is the largest adult flag football event in the country and...


What Makes a Good Flag Football Game Official?

By Darin Wissner - It's Just A Game Events Flag Football game officials get very little respect. In many cases, they haven't earned it.  Often, organizers simply ask their friends.  “It’s easy man! You know football, right?” Then these friends are put in to tough predicaments right away.  “Man, that is face guarding! You can’t do that.  That’s...

Best Flag Football Routes Tree

Guide to the Ultimate Flag Football Routes Tree

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Running flag football routes isn't too different from running traditional football routes, but there are some nuances & differences, along with common terms and names for them that many new players aren't familiar with.  Here is a list of 22 flag football routes, a football route tree that you can reference and some information to help...