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Battle Orlando FAQs

Battle Orlando FAQ’s

With Battle Orlando fast approaching, we are starting to get more and more of the same questions that we are addressing here in this article! Please share with your teams and read through fully and comment below with any additional questions you may have that we can answer promptly! Q: How do I register?  Go to the Battle...

AMC Theatre Orlando

FFWCT Partners with AMC Theatres for Battle Orlando

The Flag Football World tour has partnered with AMC Movie theatres for its Battle Orlando Tournament’s Captains meeting. At the conclusion of Media Day at the Hard Rock Café at Universal Studios City Walk, players will migrate across the walk way bridge and past the iconic rotating Universal Studios Globe to the AMC Cineplex. Once there...

ffwct red zone challenge

USFTL Nationals Breaking News: New Red Zone Format

USFTL Nationals is 1 month away! Some exciting news for the Flag Football world! The USFTL has a new exciting format called Red Zone Flag Football. Here are the details hot off the press DIRECTLY from USFTL Founder & CEO Michael Cihon. What is Red Zone Football? Red Zone football is a fast paced high scoring game designed...

battle orlando details announced

Battle Orlando Details Announced!

Registration for Battle Orlando opens November 1st at 3PM EST! Registration order determines seeding selection order for our fantasy draft tournament brackets! Battle Orlando registration is almost here! Players from all over the world can finally start to dive into one of the coolest tournaments that we have had the pleasure of putting together. We are expecting...